Two potassium phosphate manufacturers tell you what it does to use potassium phosphate two for strawberries.

It is believed that many strawberry growers have some understanding of two hydrogen phosphate, phosphorus (P) potassium (K) is the element of strawberry growth, phosphorus plays an important role in tissue division and flowering, promoting root development and the growth of lateral and fine roots, accelerating flower bud differentiation, early flowering and maturation, while enhancing plant disease resistance, The ability to resist large wind chill helps to strengthen the ability of plants to adapt to the external environment, which is an important component of tissue division, can regulate the opening and closing of stomata, increase photosynthetic phosphorylation and the transport of assimilation.
Potassium phosphate Two has been widely used in many crops because of its obvious income, increasing crop quality and anti-inversion. So, today,Phosphoric acid two potassium hydroxide manufacturersQingzhou Chemical Plant Let's talk about the role of potassium phosphate two in strawberry cultivation:
First, promote the absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus.
Potassium phosphate Two can promote the absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus by strawberries, faster phosphorus supplementation, increase production, in the strawberry growing period can be faster from the growth of nutrition to reproductive growth transfer, play a better role in regulating.
Second, promote photosynthesis.
Potassium can increase photosynthesis and accelerate the manufacture and transformation of nutrients.
Third, increase the anti-resistance ability of strawberries.
Can increase the resistance of strawberries, such as drought resistance, waterlogging, anti-damage to promote the combination, anti-microbial infection and so on.
Iv. Fruit Preservation. The fruit enlargement period can save fruit, promote the fruit enlargement, sweeten and promote coloring, greatly increase the quality of the fruit.
Five, there is the role of regulators, to promote flower bud differentiation, increase the number of flowering, bud strong, strong flower fruit, increase fruit sitting, can better increase the growth and development of the root system.
In the growth cycle of strawberries, the demand for phosphorus and potassium in fruit expansion period and ripening stage reached a peak, and it was better to apply two potassium phosphate in that period.
Two potassium phosphate manufacturers suggest that the leaves sprayed with two hydrogen phosphate in the late stage of strawberry growth, which play an important role in swelling fruit, coloring, sweetness and flower bud differentiation.

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